Winter Graduation

Wgrad 1onderful to be at Winter Graduation today and to congratulate 2 MACYS students (Jessica and Arlie) receiving their Masters degrees, two MSc Social Research Methods students (Elsie and Louise) and 3 PhD students (Rebecca, Claire and Denise) all linked to CIRCY. Many others couldn’t be there in person because of work or because they are ‘back home’ overseas. So ‘virtual’ but congratulations go out to Nouf, Cindy, Niharika, Kate and Tawana (MACYS) and Leethen (Social Research Methods). Childhood and Youth Studies thriving at Sussex!

Rebecca n Elsfacultygrad 3
Post Graduate Open Day on Weds 28th Jan, afternoon Fulton Building. Come along and find out more. We have exciting plans for MACYS in 2015-16 including a new module on practice skills and year-long wrap-around support in academic and research skills.


MACYS 2 grad 2 MACYS


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