Connecting through texts

Great post by Melissa Nolas. A very thought provoking discussion on agency, sound and the politics of everyday life. It was great to see (and hear) a number of CIRCY members present . Looking forward to hearing what the Connectors colleagues in Athens and Hyderabad discussed in relation to the paper!

Connectors Study


As part of the Connectors Study we have launched a regular reading group, the first of which happened last week at Sussex when a group of us got together to read a paper by David Oswell who is based in the Sociology department at Goldsmiths.

The aim of our reading group is to bring together together researchers interested in the themes of childhood, youth and family activism, citizenship, participation, politics, and public life, for us to meet and, through key readings, create a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas in the first instance. While theory development on the topic of children’s participation in public life and the emergence of an orientation towards social action in childhood are is key work for the Connectors Study, these activities also feed into the Childhood Publics theme that is a growing area of interest and research within CIRCY.

One of the exciting and…

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