How many historians does it take to start a cover band?

Wonderful blog from Lucy Robinson reflecting on our Wellcome funded Sexology and Songs project – showing how music might be a research method in its own right.

The 'Good sex' project

Six weeks ago the young women and practitioners from the Brighton Sexology and songs project performed live at Camden Roundhouse as part of the Wellcome Collection’s Institute of Sexology season. Many of the women at the Brighton hub, did not want to write original music (or engage with sex research). Instead they wanted to sing and perform covers or songs they loved. Here’s historian Lucy’s Robinson reflecting on the project and what a historian can learn from a cover band.

How many historians does it take to start a cover band? 

Lucy Robinson

When we began the sexology and song-writing project we imagined that the young women involved would undertake some sort of original research and then write songs about it.When we began, we thought about encouraging the song writers to undertake their own original research, perhaps through conducting interviews. And we imagined that they would take inspiration from the content…

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