Digital bubbles, networked publics and sonic bridges

Rachel Thomson, Professor of Childhood and Youth Studies, University of Sussex Reblogged from everyday childhoods blog I spent a really interesting day at a University of Sussex event in the ESRC funded Digital Bubbles series exploring interdisciplinary perspectives on autism and technology enhanced learning. I was invited as a sociologist to say something about how … Continue reading Digital bubbles, networked publics and sonic bridges


Mass Observation and the ‘My Object Stories’ Hackathon

In the second of a series of blog posts, Suzanne Rose and Anthony McCoubrey from the Mass Observation Archive reflect on their participation in the ESRC Festival of Social Science event: the ‘My Object Stories’ Hackathon and the significance of ‘object stories’ for the Archive.  Re-blogged from Everyday Childhoods Blog This was the third year in … Continue reading Mass Observation and the ‘My Object Stories’ Hackathon

Hackathons as participatory methodology?

Reblogged from Everyday Childhoods blog by Liam Berriman Hackathons have become an increasingly commonplace methodology for exploring and experimenting with data. Recent examples of this trend have included calls from archives for programmers and software developers to come and ‘hack’ their collections, and the growth of competitions where young people are invited to play with … Continue reading Hackathons as participatory methodology?


Talk to me.

Reblogged from Everyday childhoods blog by Rachel Thomson On Saturday 14th November I had the pleasure of taking part in an event billed as a ‘Hackathon’ hosted by the Sussex Humanities Lab, CIRCY and the Mass Observation Archive. Hackathons are ‘events in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic … Continue reading Talk to me.


Children’s Diaries, Liam Berriman

This summer the Museum of Childhood (MoC) hosted an exhibition on children and teenager’s diaries, with examples ranging from a 15-year-old teenage girl writing in 1947 about her turbulent love life, to a teenage colliery apprentice writing in 1838 about the death of a fellow miner. These diaries form part of a larger collection called … Continue reading Children’s Diaries, Liam Berriman


Space Invaders: Children, Youth and Public Spaces

Space Invaders is a project run by the Centre for Research and Innovation in Childhood and Youth (CIRCY) at the University of Sussex in collaboration with the School of Education at the University of Brighton. It is funded by the University of Sussex through the Higher Education Innovation Fund. The project facilitates children and young … Continue reading Space Invaders: Children, Youth and Public Spaces


Space invaders: creating child-centred spaces of public debate

By Sevasti-Melissa Nolas Our Space Invaders: #iMedia competition launches today.  We want to know how children and young people use their social media, online gaming and other new technologies. To do so, we are asking children and young people to create three-minute videos describing how they use sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as … Continue reading Space invaders: creating child-centred spaces of public debate