Indie Rock-a-Nore

CIRCY member Professor Lucy Robinson reflects on Indie Rock-a-Nore, a one-day indie pop festival raising money for the suicide prevention charity Grassroots. The theme of CIRCY’s 5th anniversary year is ‘children, young people and the future’.  But what does that mean, given growing concern – in the UK and internationally – about young people’s mental health and wellbeing?  In … Continue reading Indie Rock-a-Nore


Seen But Not Heard?

Seen But Not Heard?  The Spatial, Emotional and Material Sites of Childhood and Youth from Antiquity to Modernity.   Blog by Owen Emmerson The Seen But Not Heard conference was held at the University of Sussex on 18-20th January 2017. Its aim was to bring together scholars with interest in childhood and youth from across … Continue reading Seen But Not Heard?