Second reading group in Brighton and Hyderabad

Brilliant summary of what was an engaging and insightful discussion. It was so interesting to see how people from many disciplines, researching a variety of topics, were all able to draw on and relate this article to their own experiences, academic, personal and professional. I know many of us involved in the discussion wish it could have gone on for longer!

Connectors Study

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A few weeks ago we ran our second reading groups at Sussex University in Brighton and at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) in Hyderabad. Both groups read Judith Butler’s piece on Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance. Below Vinnarasan and I have written up a short summary and impressions from the two discussions.


Personally I’ve always struggled with Butler’s writing so when my colleague Barry Luckock sent me this paper back in November I didn’t know what to expect. I started tentatively skimming it on my phone and very quickly found myself completely absorbed, and quite relieved to be able to ‘understand’. My second reading of the paper in preparation for the reading group was equally rewarding and I now find myself in possession of a colourful PDF document highlighted at every turn.

I’m also left with the somewhat daunting task of trying…

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